Doctor List in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

Dr. H. R. Habib


MBBS, D.Ortho


Orthopedic, Kishorgang


Health Aid Diagnostic & Hospital

Health Aid Diagnostic & Hospital, Station Road , Sadar, Kishorganj Kishoreganj Sadar Kishoreganj

Dr. Md. Abu Taher Mean

Pain Specialist



Dept. of Pain Management, Sadar Hospital, Kishorganj


Kishoreganj Sador Hospital

Medilab Health Center,Station Road, Sadar, Kishorganj Kishoreganj Sadar Kishoreganj

Dr. Suraya Sultana



Medical Officer,

Kurmitola General Hospital


Kurmitola General Hospital

United Diagnostic Center. Kalia Chapra Sugar Mil, Pakundia, Kishorganj Pakundia Kishoreganj

Kishoreganj Hospital List Phone Location

Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital

Address: Vagolpur-Bajitpur Bazar Rd

Hours: 8:30AM–4:30PM (Tuesday Closed)

Phone: 01714-095810

Kishoreganj Sadar Hospital

Address: 79 Kishoreganj – Mymensingh Rd, Kishorganj

Hours: Open 24 hours


Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital


Medilab Health Centre

Address: Station road, Kishoreganj.

Phone: 0941-61770, Mobile: 01715 191172

Digilab Lab Kishoreganj

Address: Halima Plaza, kalibarimore,Kishoreganj.

Phone: 0941-61977 Mobile: 01747 988061

Firoza Nursing Home

Address: Kharam Potti, Kishoreganj

Phone: 0941-55976, Mobile: 01711 681660

Niramoy Diagnostic Service

Address: Station road, Kishoreganj

Phone: 0941-62069 Mobile: 01711 737191

Citylab Health Care

Address: Main road, Botrish, Kishoreganj.

Phone: 0941-51011 Mobile: 01946 773233

Shikha Diagnostic Centre

Address: Hospital road, Bottola, Kishoreganj.

Mobile: 01712 738075, 01915 923290

Kishoreganj Clinic

Address:Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Phone: 0941-62792, Mobile: 01711 425640

Ishakha Nursing Home

Address: Gaital, Kishoreganj.

Mobile: 01711 346367

The Popular Diagnostic Centre

Address: Eidgha road, puran thana,Kishoreganj.

Phone: 01916 037010

Tanika General Hospital

Address:Near eidghah,Sholakia,Kishoreganj.

Phone: 0941-61207

Health Aid Hospital

Address: Kishoreganj – Mymensingh Rd, Kishorganj

Hours: 8AM–9PM


Dr.Shojib’s Medical Center

Address: Ishakha Road, Kishorganj

Hours: 8AM–10PM

Phone: 01795-103000

Mother And Child Welfare Centre

Address: Kishoreganj

Hours: Open 24 hours

Astagram Upazila Health Complex

Address: Astagram, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324493

Surjer Hasi Clinic

Address: Khudir Jangle, Karimganj, Kishoreganj


Bajitpur Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Bajitpur Bazar, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324494

Bhairab Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Bhairab Bazar, Bhairab, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324495

Hossainpur Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Hossainpur, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324496

Itna Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Itna, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324497

Karimganj Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Karimganj, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324498

Kuliachar Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Kuliachar, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324500

Mithamain Upazila Health Complex

Address:  Mithamain, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324501

Nikli Upazila Health Complex

Address: Nikli, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324502

Pakundia Upazila Health Complex

Address: Pakundia, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324503

Tarail Upazila Health Complex

Address: Tarail, Kishoreganj

Tel: 01730-324504

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