Thakurgaon Doctor

Doctor List In Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Dr. Khurshid Jahan Sini:

Consultant 01720-436773

Dr. Perth Sarathi Roy

Con: Surgery


Dr. Md. Abdus Samad

Consultant Eye


Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan

Con: Cardiac


Hospital And Clinic List In Thakurgaon

Marie Stopes Clinic Thakurgoan

648, Ghosh Para, Bangabandhu

Road (Behind of Roads Highway

Office) Thakurgaon.


Thakurgaon Sadar Hospital,


Tel: 0561-52021

Swasthosheba Hospital,

College Para, Thakurgaon

Tel: 0561-52314

Mob: 01819-825720

ESDO Community Hospital,

College Para, Thakurgaon

Tel: 01710-869051

Thakurgaon District Hospital

Government Hospital

Thakurgaon Sadar,


Tel: 01730-324816

Upazila Health Complex Baliadangi

Government Hospital

Baliadangi, Thakurgaon

Tel: 01730-324724

Upazila Health Complex Haripur

Government Hospital

Haripur, Thakurgaon

Tel: 01730-324725

Upazila Health Complex Pirganj

Government Hospital

Pirganj, Thakurgaon

Tel: 01730-324726

Upazila Health Complex Ranisankail

Government Hospital

Ranisankail, Thakurgaon

Tel: 01730-324727

Central Diagnostic Centre

Banga Bandhu Sarak, Thakurgaon

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